Life Members & Centre Patrons

Life Members

The people listed below have been recognised for their support, commitment and dedication to the sport of Little Athletics at the Belmont Little Athletics Centre by being awarded Life Membership of the Centre.

Criteria: Life Membership is bestowed upon those people who have served a minimum of 10 years service with at least 4 years at Centre Executive level. Meritorious service is a mandatory prerequisite for any nomination.

A full resume detailing the nominees key achievements and and accomplishments whilst at the Belmont Little Athletics Centre is required to be submitted with the form. Nominations are voted on at the AGM by the Executive Committee, Club Delegates and existing Life Members.

Year Name Year Name
2022 Nathan Cunningham 2022 Natalie Nanut
2022 Leo Quaresimin 2022 Samantha Craven
2018 Janet Milne 2018 Jim Farr
2016 Michael Munro 2014 Glenn Bartlett
2014 Cheryl Short* 2013 Catherine Geneste
2010 Kevin Kentish
2009 Toni Clarke 2007 David Jarvis
2007 Georgie Boyle 2004 Craig Middleton-White
2001 Trish Gunn 1998 John Fouweather
1997 Jill McIntosh 1997 Rob Bowen
1996 Neil Roberts 1996 Krys Roberts
1996 Peter Redmond* 1996 Anne Redmond
1994 Ron Hardman* 1993 John Marsh
1993 Bev Frost 1992 John Milburn*
1987 Lesley Romeo 1985 Frances French
1985 Jean Crockett 1984 Tony Salmon*
1983 Mavis Lee 1983 Merle Carter*
1980 Wendy Murray 1980 Verna Mason
1980 Noelene MacKenzie 1980 Margaret Harman
1980 Roy Cannon 1977 Joy Hardman
* Deceased

Centre Patrons

In 2009 the Belmont Centre commemorated it’s 40th Anniversary with the introduction of a "Centre Patron" award to recognise those people who through their actions have sort to further the objects and aims of the Centre.

Criteria: This award is voted on by the Executive Committee, Club Delegates, Life Members and Ordinary Members of the Belmont Little Athletics Centre at the Annual General Meeting. Nominees must have demonstrated a commitment to furthering the objects and aims of the Belmont Little Athletics Centre over a period of not less than five seasons.

Year Name Year Name
2023 Ms Cassie Rowe 2024
2021 Ms Cassie Rowe 2022 Ms Cassie Rowe
2019 Ms Cassie Rowe 2020 Ms Cassie Rowe
2018 Ms Cassie Rowe 2017 Ms Cassie Rowe
2016 Mrs. Glenys Godfrey 2015 Mrs. Glenys Godfrey
2014 Mrs. Glenys Godfrey 2013
2012 Mr. Eric Ripper 2011 Mr. Eric Ripper
2010 Mr. Eric Ripper 2009 Mr. Fred Rae*
* Deceased