Competition Rules

Competition Rules

Definition: The Competition Rules govern the actions of athletes, parents and officials for competition and the conducting of events.

  1. All athletes must be registered with a Club affiliated with the Belmont Little Athletics Centre.

  2. All competitors must wear correct Club uniform with their Registration Number securely fastened to the front of their shirt and their Age Tag secured to the front left shoulder. Other tags such as sponsors must be affixed as instructed from season to season.   No logos or insignias exceeding 7cm x 5cm are allowed on uniform bottoms.  As per Athletics West rules, compression pants may be worn under shorts ONLY if they are plain black and finish above the knee.

  3. Fully enclosed footwear is compulsory for all athletes whilst they are competing on any surface at Belmont Little Athletics Centre.

  4. A competitor may leave a field event once given permission by the Field Key Official to compete in a track event.  On returning to the field event he or she must resume at the stage the event has reached in their absence.

  5. On completion of a Track event athletes must report firstly to the Track Marshals and then to the Track Recorders to record their results.   Once the athlete’s result has been recorded they are to return to their Club area.

  6. On completion of Field events athletes are to return immediately to their Club area.

  7. Protests are to be presented by the Club Managers in writing on official protest form to the Arena Manager and must be accompanied by the appropriate fee ($50).  The money will be forfeited should the complaint prove frivolous.  A Protest Committee will deal with the complaint on the day.

  8. Any misbehaviour by a competitor may result in a suspension for a period to be decided by the Executive Committee on the day.

  9. (a) Unless competing in an event or acting as an official, no one except for BLAC executive, BLAC committee members and the rostered first aider shall be allowed onto the arena or sites whilst events are being conducted. Failure to observe this rule may result in penalties to the Club or the offender. Any penalty is to be decided by the Executive Committee on the day, after completion of the day’s program.
    (b) When signed on and acting as an official, you shall only be allowed on the designated site you are signed on to officiate at.

  10. Athletes & Site Officials must at all times walk around the track and NOT across the centre of the Arena.

  11. Each affiliated Club will be required to supply officials for each competition day. The number of officials required from each club is calculated on a pro-rata basis, comparing number of athletes within the Club to number of athletes in the Centre as a whole. Officials are to report to the Officials Coordinator where they will sign on.

  12. Each affiliated Club must supply the allocated helpers each week based on each clubs number of registered athletes.  These officials are to report to the Officials Coordinator where they will sign on and select a site to help at. 

  13. Spikes:-
    a) Athletes in the U6 – U10 age group may not wear spike shoes.
    b) Athletes in the U11 – U12 age group may wear spike shoes in events run entirely in lanes, long jump, triple jump, high jump and javelin.
    c) Athletes in the U13 – U17 age groups may wear spike shoes in all track events except walks. Spike shoes may also be worn for long jump, triple jump, high jump and javelin.
    d) Spikes must be carried to the start and removed at the end of all events..

    e) At the WA Athletics Stadium, to maximise performance and prevent damage to the mondo surface, athletes must not use sharp spikes that will penetrate the surface. The mondo track is designed such that blunt spikes will depress the surface and the rebound effect will propel them forward, thereby maximizing performance.

    i) The only spikes permitted for use at the WA Athletics Stadium are the ‘Christmas Tree’ and ‘Pyramid’ Shape variety. The composition of the spike ie ceramic or metal is irrelevant. ‘Needle’ spikes are sharper than ‘pyramid’ spikes and are NOT permitted.

  14. Programmed events can be amended or cancelled at the discretion of the Arena Manager.

  15. Complaints on the day will be referred to the following;
    a) Track Events – CHIEF TRACK UMPIRE.
    b) Field Events – CHIEF FIELD UMPIRE.

  16. Rules for competition are normally as per I.A.A.F. Rule Book but modifications may be made for Centre competition.

  17. All athletes must at all times have a parent or guardian present. Athletes will be excluded from competition if they
    do not have a parent or guardian present.


Red Cards are issued to athletes for breaches of Belmont Little Athletics Centre Rules, particularly
General Rule 1: Behaviour of Children, and Rule for Competition 8, pertaining to misbehaviour and
suspension. The site Key Official will give an offending athlete one verbal warning only; a second offence
shall result in the issue of a red card. The athlete will be asked to leave the site immediately and report
to the Arena Manager. Any points from the site shall be forfeited for the day of the offence.
If an athlete receives a second Red Card on the same day, then the athlete will not be permitted to
compete in any further events for that day. Additionally, all points for all events earned on the day of
the offences shall be forfeited. Any offence may also be investigated and dealt with by the Centre
Executive Committee and be subject to further disciplinary action.