Centre Championships Rules

Championships Rules

Definition: Centre Championship Rules govern the qualification for entry into the events for Centre Championships.

  1. To be eligible for Centre Championships, Athletes must have competed in any nominated event at least three (3) times at the weekly Inter Club competition.(Extenuating circumstances may be looked at on a case by case basis.)
    Exceptions to this rule;

    1. In the case of illness or injury during the season which prevents the athlete from competing. Club Managers must hand a letter or Doctor’s certificate to the Records & Ranking Officer at the time of illness or injury or no later than 2 weeks after the illness or injury occurred. Documents received after this time frame will not be accepted. Documents MUST include dates when the injury or illness occurred and a time frame indicating how long the athlete cannot participate for. Such documents MUST be from an independent consultant. The Executive Committee will then determine if the athlete is eligible to compete.

    2. If an athlete commences later in the season.

      1. Commencement is defined as the date and time at which the athlete is registered with Belmont Little Athletics Centre.

      2. The athlete must compete in the nominated event each time it is held in the remaining weekly Inter Club competitions after commencing.

      3. The athlete must be registered no later than four weeks prior to the start of Centre Championships.

  2. If an athlete transfers from another Little Athletics Centre they must produce evidence that they have competed in the nominated event such that the total number of times they have competed in that event at both centres totals three or more. The evidence must be such that it is able to be verified by the previous Little Athletics Centre and is subject to approval by the Executive Committee. Any athlete transferring from another Centre, whether it be Perth Metro/Country or Interstate must also be registered with Belmont Little Athletics Centre no later than four weeks prior to the start of Centre Championships. Metropolitan/Country Centres are those centres defined by Athletics West as being in Zones 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

  3. All competitors must report to the marshalling area prior to the commencement of any event.  If there is a genuine reason for an athlete being late, this must be reported to the Arena Manager by the Club Manager only.

  4. Under 6 to Under 10 Athletes will have only three trials at all field events (except High Jump).  Under 11 to Under 17 Athletes will have three trials at all field events (except High Jump) and the leading eight competitors in the event at the completion of the third round will then have a further one trial.

  5. Placings in all track events will be determined by timed heats.

  6. All protests must be reported through the Club Manager and are to be lodged with the Championships & Special Events Coordinator within 20 minutes of the completion of the event with the appropriate fee ($50).

  7. The rules for competition at Centre Championships shall be those outlined in Athletic West’s Rules for Competition of State Run Events.  These rules may be amended or updated by Athletics West without notice or consultation.

  8. An athlete’s participation in Centre Championships signifies that athlete’s acceptance of the rules and conditions as set out by Belmont Little Athletics Centre and the Executive Committee.

  9. Any circumstance not covered by the rules and conditions defined here-in shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee on a case-by-case basis.