March Past

This is voted on by Life Members and Special Guests at the Opening Ceremony and is announced on the day. All Life Members and Special Guests are given voting slips prior to the Opening Ceremony March Past listing the names of all the clubs participating. Voting takes place during the March Past. Shortly afterwards the votes are gathered and tallied by the Executive Committee. Once the winner is confirmed the Centre President is notified and an announcement is made at the conclusion of the ceremonies. The March Past shield is engraved and presented at the Closing Ceremony.

  2022/23 Kewdale
  2021/22 Forrestfield
  2020/21 Kalamunda/Lesmurdie
  2019/20 Kelmscott
  2018/19 High Wycombe
  2017/18 Forrestfield
  2016/17 Forrestfield
  2015/16 Forrestfield
  2014/15 Carlisle/Rivervale
  2013/14 -not awarded this season-
  2012/13 High Wycombe
  2011/12 Kalamunda/Lesmurdie
  2010/11 High Wycombe
  2009/10 Kewdale
  2008/09 Carlisle/Rivervale
  2007/08 Kewdale
  2006/07 Carlisle/Rivervale
  2005/06 High Wycombe
  2004/05 Carlisle/Rivervale
  2003/04 High Wycombe & Kewdale
  2002/03 High Wycombe
  2001/02 Belmay
  2000/01 High Wycombe
  1999/00 Forrestfield
  1998/99 Kewdale
  1997/98 Kewdale
  1996/97 Forrestfield
  1995/96 Belmay
  1994/95 Carlisle
  1993/94 Kalamunda/Lesmurdie
  1992/93 Kalamunda/Lesmurdie