BLAC Sportsperson of the Year

The Belmont Sportsperson of the Year Award was introduced in the 1994/95 season. Prior to this the award was known as The Belmont Athlete of the Year Award.


Each Club may nominate one athlete only (either boy or girl). Nominations are made on the appropriate form and sealed in an envelope labelled with the Club name, not the athlete name. The nominations must be submitted to the Centre Executive Officer prior to the advertised closing date. The Centre Executive Officer will collate the unopened nominations and present them with a covering letter to the City of Belmont Mayor for selection. The Mayor presents it at the closing ceremony.
Athletes nominated should be those that put in a consistent effort and show dedication to all aspects of Little Athletics without being the athletes who win events or excel regularly.
Resumes should include examples of how the athlete demonstrates these attributes
There is no restriction on age group or gender to qualify for nomination. However, it is suggested that athletes could not have shown due dedication to the sport in their first season unless there are extenuating circumstances.

2021/22 Kaden Haydari Carlisle/Rivervale
2020/21 Harrison Fare Carlisle/Rivervale
2019/20 Aiden Warner Kelmscott
2018/19 Jordan Cooley Carlisle/Rivervale
2017/18 Brodie Gray Kewdale
2016/17 Christina Miller Willandra
2015/16 Brayden Baker Forrestfield
2014/15 Justin Russell Carlisle/Rivervale
2013/14 Shontel Vargiolu Forrestfield
2012/13 Hillary Goodreid High Wycombe
2011/12 Cale Oborne Carlisle/Rivervale
2010/11 Mitchell Carter Forrestfield
2009/10 Thomas Wedge Kewdale
2008/09 Calum Christie Kalamunda/Lesmurdie
2007/08 Zac Partington High Wycombe
2006/07 Amanda Short Kalamunda/Lesmurdie
2005/06 Hayden Carter Forrestfield
2004/05 Kathleen Madden Belmay
2002/03 Navangi Fernando Belmay
2001/02 Wayde Newton Forrestfield
2000/01 Christopher Middleton-White High Wycombe
1999/00 Brent Gunn Carlisle/Rivervale
1998/99 Sarah Allard Belmay
1997/98 Leah Jarvis Forrestfield
1996/97 Gillian McKay Carlisle/Rivervale
1995/96 Brent Gunn Rivervale
1994/95 Kerry Hore Rivervale


Belmont Athlete of the Year (1989 to 1993/94)

Season Athlete Name Club
1993/94 Dean Taylor Kalamunda/Lesmurdie
Thomas Hindmarsh Belmay
1992/93 Lance Gunn Rivervale
1991/92 Hayley Bingham Rivervale
1990/91 Jade McSherry Kewdale
1989/90 Gayne Holmes High Wycombe