Athlete of the Year & Doug Hancy

Athletics West Athlete of the Year

2019/20 Olivia Trueman Kelmscott
2019/20 Tristan Burgess Carlisle/Rivervale
1986/87 Gareth Bird High Wycombe
1985/86 Colleen Palmer Kalamunda/Lesmurdie
1983/84 Vanessa French Forrestfield
1972/73 Marie Brignoli Notre Dame
1970/71 Ian Stewart Canning Districts


Athletics West Doug Hancy Award

2021/22 Ilah Ody (nominee) Forrestfield
2020/21 Liam Carbery (nominee) Carlisle/Rivervale
2019/20 Tylah Burges (nominee) Kelmscott
2015/16 Justin Russell Carlisle/Rivervale
2010/11 Amanda Short Kalamunda/Lesmurdie
2008/09 Vincion Geneste Kewdale
2007/08 Stephanie Lam Kewdale
1995/96 Lance Gunn Rivervale
1991/92 Jade McSherry Kewdale


LAWA Athlete of the Year

Centres are able to nominate one girl and one boy per season for this award. Nominees must be in the U15 Age Group and have won an individual medal at the previous State Track and Field, Multi-Event or Winter Championships. Nominations generally close in the week after the Heats & Quarter Finals (Zones).


LAWA Doug Hancy Award

The Athlete is not necessarily a champion, but one who shows sportsmanship and courage, who maintains an effort, who is honest, friendly and shows a willingness to help at club training with the younger athletes and also at Saturday morning competition.

Fraternity: Candidates shall demonstrate that they place concern for others above themselves and have committed themselves to the spirit of Little Athletics.

Integrity: Candidates shall maintain a gracious attitude towards those with whom they compete, demonstrating a respect for the rules and the officials charged with their enforcement. These standards of personal behaviour must be maintained to reflect moral soundness and honesty in and out of athletics.

Perseverance: Candidates shall strive with consistent determination to achieve their personal goals, doing so without complaining or resorting to alibis even if things seem to go wrong.

Challenge: Candidates shall look forward to the opportunity to compete and reflect an attitude of enthusiasm, zest, eagerness and joy for the endeavor(s) that is reflected in participation and self-improvement.

Courage: Candidates shall demonstrate, during practice and competition, a constant desire to improve and achieve higher levels of skill and performance which reflect concentration and commitment.

It is acknowledged that a Doug Hancy Award is an attempt to recognize standards of behaviour that reflect moral values and depth of character.

All Members who take part in one or more competitive programs shall be eligible for this Award

All Nominees are presented at the State Track & Field Championships at the time of the presentation of the Award.