Junior Officials

Want to be a Junior Official?

The Junior Official accreditation gives the U14’s and U15’s an opportunity to become involved in Little Athletics beyond just competition. It is also an opportunity for those who may be injured or unable to compete to still be involved in the sport of Little Athletics. If you would like to help out on sites and aspire to do more than just competing then why not sit a couple of exams and help out your Centre.

Junior Level D Exams

WALA have introduced a new Officials accreditation level called a "Junior Level D" accreditation. This is open to Under 14 and 15 year olds and allows them, with the accreditation, to assist as a Key Official at Centre level or as a helper at Zones.

Each candidate is limited to three exams per season and will be required to complete a practical assessment under the supervision of an official appointed be the Centre’s Officer of Officials.

The Junior D Grade ceases once the official turns 17, but can be translated to a D Grade accreditation upon application to the WALA Officer for Coaching & Development.

Please note that there is no Junior D Grade for the Starter position, and the age limit will remain at 18 years old.

Answer sheets must be returned to the Officer of Officials who will send them to WALA. Please write your address on the answer sheet so that WALA can mail your card directly to you.

Exams & Answer Sheets: (all files are in PDF format)

Junior D Grade
Event Exam Answer Sheet
Discus 51Kb 40Kb
High Jump 50Kb 39Kb
Javelin 51Kb 40Kb
Long & Triple 51Kb 40Kb
Place Judge 50Kb 49Kb
Race Walking 52Kb 41Kb
Recorder 65Kb 39Kb
Shot Put 50Kb 40Kb
Starter N/A N/A
Timekeeper 50Kb 41Kb
Track Umpire N/A N/A

Reference Documentation:

Officials Handbook 2014 (1,192Kb)
Competition Rules – 2015/2016 (1,996Kb)
Equipment Specifications 2015 (395Kb)